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This London app let's chefs/organizers order directly from suppliers

Food Chain is building the first marketplace that enables chefs/organizers to connect directly with suppliers all around London.

BY RSVP August 13,2019


Foodchain, based in London, is building the first transparent marketplace to enable chefs/organizers to have access to great quality, sustainable food, directly from the suppliers.

How does it work?

Foodchain's network of farmers, growers, aggregators, and producers (from the brightest orange-yolked Cacklebean eggs to foraged scurvy grass herbs) are given the tools to deliver the freshest supply with the best prices and service. Their community of chefs connects directly to suppliers of all sizes, with full transparency on the produce they are using. 

Chefs can breathe a sigh of relief as Foodchain consolidates all invoices and logistics, equipping chefs with the means to buy locally and support sustainable farming, all under one virtual roof. Foodchain allows them to have a live feed of seasonal produce available each day to order, chat with suppliers, and really connect with the produce. 

Cutting out the middleman reduces food miles and creates that lost connection between producers and consumers to ensure the hard work, passion, and skill that goes into these products is celebrated and shared. Picked, made, packed or slaughtered to order results in minimal food waste - another win-win.

Sandy Jarvis, from The Culpeper says “The quality and consistency that Foodchain offers across the board has allowed us to keep working with, and supporting, small producers who are doing something very special, whilst reducing admin time and costs. We love building relationships with producers, Foodchain has allowed us to reach people we would not normally have been able to.”

If you want to find out more check out their website and follow Foodchain on Instagram.