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RSVP offers relief for the dining industry to fight COVID-19

RSVP, the admin and bookings management platform for the dining industry is helping in four different areas.

BY RSVP October 22,2020


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Over the last month, we have seen friends and colleagues’ livelihoods around the world jeopardized. The uncertainty and fear have been both paralyzing and disheartening. During this time, our team has received requests to support however possible with our platform. Our team worked on ideas on how to help generate immediate cashflow for restaurants, like gift vouchers and takeout / delivery solutions. 

We know that cash at the moment is the most pressing thing on all our minds. In some countries, our colleagues have been fortunate enough to have their governments’ support, but in many others, there is a steep drop and no safety net. That leaves us scrambling to generate short-term revenue while saving in as many areas as possible.

That is why we are taking the step to make an investment into the industry, and into our collective futures, of up to 250,000 EUR. Every bit counts right now, so we want what would have been our fees to stay in the hands of restaurants and event organizers as you fight through the coming months. 


Specifically, we will help in four areas:

  1. Free consulting to work through any business you want to discuss

  2. Waiving gift voucher fees

  3. Waiving takeout / delivery fees

  4. Waiving restaurant booking system subscription fees and working with restaurants on a solution that is viable long term


We are making this available to all of those already working with us as well as any restaurants and event organizers who need the support. If you are an industry colleague in need, please reach out to us via chat on our website or to support@rsvp-popup.com and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

It’s but a drop in the bucket, but hopefully, the relief will ensure more of our friends around the world have a fighting chance. 





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