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Is the good old picnic the near future of food pop-ups?

With summer fast approaching, people will lure outside even though COVID-19 continues to spread. A picnic can be the perfect solution to dine outside without endangering yourself or others.

BY RSVP May 27,2020

Due to the pandemic, many 2020's events and food pop-ups were postponed or cancelled, in an effort to prevent spreading the virus.

But if the last weeks' warm weather is any indication, not even a pandemic will keep people from heading out of their houses — and head to the nearest public park or beach for some fresh air.

Experts believe picking up a virus outside is relatively low as long as people don’t cluster together for long periods of time. So if you are careful and conscientious, you can dine outside without endangering yourself or others. (But bring a face mask!)

With some restaurants still closed, a picnic can be the perfect pick-me-up as we leave lockdown. Many restaurants and cafes have created takeout baskets with cheese, wine, and sandwiches (Comida Independente, a grocery shop in Lisbon has created a box with a pastrami sandwich, for example).

A designer has even created a "social distancing picnic blanket”. Paul Cocksedge, cofounder of Cocksedge Studio, has designed what he calls “Here Comes the Sun,” a picnic blanket most notable for the massive hole in its center. It’s essentially a large fabric ring with four equidistant circles around its perimeter, all two meters apart.

For those working in the food industry / pop-up event world who are dependent on larger gatherings to make a living, this pandemic changed everything about how they do business. Omiomi Kitchen was creating unique food pop-ups in Berlin just before the pandemic. 

Now, their founder, Chelsea, has come up with a solution for the next pop-ups: a pic-nic. Or, as they call it, "Pique-Nique". You can buy a ticket for their event, which includes food, water and kombucha for either 2 or 3 people, and includes a picnic rug. 

Pop Up Picnic, a company based in Sydney that was doing large events before the lockdown, also created a set of picnic hampers that come packed for pairs or for large groups to share. Once you know your picnic destination and have placed your order, Pop Up Picnic will deliver your hamper. 

If this is the solution for pop-up organizers in the future, we don't know. But this can be an immediate alternative to keep creativity — and revenue — flowing.