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Noma reopens with a new "old" menu

René Redzepi's Noma re-opened its doors for business-as-usual this month with a brand new menu starring some locally sourced vegetables, plus a few old favourites.

BY RSVP July 31,2020

After first surprising diners with an informal outdoor burger menu, Noma 2.0 is characteristically adding a few more twists with a deviation from its usual three-season menu format.

Instead of serving the usual summer menu this season, the Copenhagen restaurant will offer a new 'old' menu, celebrating some of the restaurant's best dishes of the past two years. The nostalgic menu will be centred around the best of the plant kingdom, with perhaps the occasional "piece of grilled seafood and perhaps a cut of meat."

Old favourites back on the menu include the iconic flowerpot dessert of rose scented ‘soil’ with fresh herbs, which first appeared during the vegetable season of 2018. Lobster and oysters also make the list, as do citrussy ants.

Noma's summer season menu 2020 will be available until 3 October when the Game and Forest menu will kick in.