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Easily set up a takeout service with RSVP

Follow the instructions below to quickly set up a takeout service for your establishment without contracts and hefty fees by using RSVP’s event ticketing tool. You can get this going in a few minutes.

BY RSVP April 16,2020

(Correction: April 15, 2020

An earlier version of this article stated a 2% fee in number 6. RSVP's relief for the dining industry to fight COVID-19 states that we are waiving takeout / delivery fees.)


  1. Create an Organizer account at https://admin.rsvp-popup.com/signup. If you already have an Organizer account with us, log in instead at https://admin.rsvp-popup.com/login.

  2. In the admin, click on Profile Settings and select your organization. Scroll down to the Bank Accounts step and click Connect with Stripe. Follow the instructions onscreen. If you already have a Stripe account, you can give RSVP access to deposit funds using the button.

  3. Create a new event (guide with screenshots at https://intercom.help/rsvp-pop-up/en/articles/3564295-create-a-new-event)

  4. Add a quick description about this being a delivery or pick up option and add your address info in the first step

  5. Add Tickets for each date / pickup time you want to offer. You can easily continue adding as the days pass, so no need to create a few weeks’ worth of dates / times. Note: Keep the price here at 0; you’ll add the menu items in the Optional Extras. Instructions at https://intercom.help/rsvp-pop-up/en/articles/2971048-create-different-ticket-types using the “Tickets Section.”

  6. In Settings, choose whether you want to add the 2% fee to the guest or to absorb it and select Add Extras. Click Save & Next.

  7. Add all the menu items and their prices in the Add Extras step. See https://intercom.help/rsvp-pop-up/en/articles/3033090-sell-extra-items-to-guests for info.

  8. Share the URL to sell, sell, sell. https://intercom.help/rsvp-pop-up/en/articles/3033169-my-event-is-ready-to-go-live-what-next

If you have questions or need support, use the chat button on our site or write support@rsvp-popup.com.