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Easily set up a takeout service with RSVP and keep your revenue up

Is your restaurant closed because of COVID-19 or taking the opportunity to add a new revenue stream to the mix?

BY RSVP November 06,2020

In 2020, the only thing that remains to say is: being creative pays off now in particular and can safeguard the existence of your own business. As Albert Einstein said many years ago: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. With RSVP, it couldn’t be easier to continue working towards success (and revenue) even in times of crisis. 

A lot of restaurants have been forced to shut down and let go of their employees since they aren’t allowed to have guests eating on their premises. Introducing takeaway and delivery at your restaurant could be a way to keep the restaurant afloat financially during the pandemic. By doing so, your local community would also continue having access to choice.

With RSVP, without our previously required monthly restaurant booking subscription, you can now offer your followers and guests takeout and / or delivery.

Do you want to know how easy it is to set it up? Visit this link to find out.

(If you have questions or need support, use the chat button on our site or write support@rsvp-popup.com)