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Save a restaurant one recipe at a time

A new website lets chefs and restaurants share their recipes to the public to raise money for their businesses. See how you can share yours if you are a chef.

BY RSVP May 26,2020

How does a chef continue to engage with a guest to stay relevant without an open restaurant? And how they can generate revenue?

To support chefs and restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic while also giving people something exciting and new to try at home, Meez launched a new initiative called “Recipes for Relief.”

Recipes for Relief is an online web app and marketplace where chefs, mixologists, and restaurateurs can share their recipes to the public to raise money for their businesses. “We have 22 chefs already participating,” said Francine Lee, director of Biz Dev of Meez. Chef Louise Bannon, from Tir Bakery in Denmark, or Simon Kim, proprietor of COTE NYC already have recipes in the app.

The proceeds go towards the chefs, their businesses and staff, or the charity organisation they are supporting. 

How it works

The website offers a range of unique dishes and drinks recipes. Each recipe has three fixed prices to choose from, at $2, $5, and $10. The guest also has the opportunity to donate an additional amount of their choosing.

“The consumer has the option to pay what they want for the recipe or they can pay more than the fair price,” said Lee. “People usually pay more because they know this is to support restaurants or a charity.”

There is also the option to buy an all-access pass so guests have all the recipes.

The web app has a brilliant feature that recipes can be adjusted for different amounts of servings or ingredients.

“Let’s say there is an ingredient that asks for 2 cups of rice but you only have one, then you can put 1 cup and everything adjusts accordingly,” she said.

There is also the ability for people to ask questions to chefs directly in the app.

How you can participate if you are a chef

According to Lee, “the platform is open to any chef. There is just a Google form where chefs fill out all the information that we need in order to get their chefs’ page started”.

The Meez team will help you create the chef page with the chef bio and photo of the recipe.