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This is the hottest new pasta shape

Have you heard of caramelle?

BY RSVP August 13,2019

Have you heard of caramelle?

Proverb Caramelle – ‘bon-bons’ or ‘candies’ – are stuffed pastas, shaped like sweets whose plastic wrappers are twisted at both ends, and they are the one candy better in its wrapping.

They are made like miniature, half-filled cannelloni, the ends twisted to seal them.

This at once encloses the filling so it can be boiled, provides a texture that is capable of holding some sauce, and makes a shape that is reminiscent of happy childhood days.

Perhaps for this last reason caramelle are generally served on festive days or Sunday lunch, particularly in Parma and Piacenza. They are invariably made from an egg pasta dough (or should be – avoid like the plague any that are pale), and may be stuffed with any manner of filling, but are best with one that is subtle and delicate.

Chefs in New York are making it in their restaurants and reinterpreting this pasta shape. Grubstreet says "it’s easily among the most playful pasta — chefs can play up its candy-wrapper origins with bright colors — and the shape’s relative obscurity gives it an advantage in a city where you can’t walk two blocks without tripping over some orecchiette."

 (Photos: Hallmark Channel)