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Women chefs are the stars in this film

It's all about female chefs who are changing the face of the restaurant industry, taking on challenge after challenge along the way.

BY RSVP August 13,2019

In this food documentary, filmmaker Maya Gallus spotlights the obstacles faced by seven women trying to build careers as chefs and create change from within a macho industry. 

The Heat: A Kitchen Revolution' profiles pioneers like Anne-Sophie Pic of three-Michelin-starred Maison Pic in France and Anita Lo of Annisa in NYC, alongside a more recent generation of chefs like Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy. Also Suzanne Barr, who Gallus catches in transition between restaurants; ex-cook Ivy Knight, who shares a jaw-dropping tale of abuse in the kitchen; and Charlotte Langley, who points out that female chefs, too, face the temptation to trash-talk, bully and objectify as they gain power.

According to Tasting Table "it also goes into detail about why it's so hard for women to get to the top in the first place, such as how much more difficult it is for them to secure funding for large restaurants, which in turn excludes them from media inclusion and, consequently, future opportunities."

Watch the trailer below.