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BY RSVP August 13,2019

Remember how story about a special website called RestaurantHER that highlights all restaurants that are owned, co-owned, or partnered with women in the US? 

Now Equity at the Table (EATT), from cookbook author and activist Julia Turshen, is a searchable directory of female food professionals that includes writers, chefs, artists and lawyers, many of whom are also part of the LGBT community or are persons of color. The platform's ultimate goal is to solve the glaring lack of representation in food, whose mediums, whether it be restaurants, TV shows, magazine articles or festivals, have been traditionally dominated by straight white males.

"A major issue is that diversity is assumed to be the same thing as inclusivity and equality is often confused for equity," Turshen tells Food & Wine. "The difference between these things is not just asking who is invited to the table, but who gets to do the inviting and how welcoming is that table? EATT is a resource we can all use to shift the food industry in a more equitable direction."

Eat at the Table's entire directory can be filtered by profession, location, and ethnic or sexual identification, all as a way to celebrate and bring marginalized voices into the spotlight of the food community. 

(Photos: Food & Wine)