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"It's a calm feeling, being in the permanent home," says chef Harriet Mansell

We got to chat with Harriet about what it takes to open a permanent restaurant, women in the kitchen, and what she wished she could had told her younger self when she was starting out.

BY RSVP May 02,2022

A Solar Solution to Food Waste?

One of the main problems with solar panels is that sunlight is not constant, which means standard solar panels only generate power 15-20% of the time. Another major problem facing humanity as a whole is the amount of food that is wasted, which leads to the depletion of biodiversity and food poverty.

BY RSVP April 12,2022

"I think the story of Africa is definitely one worth sharing", said Vusi Ndlovu

Vusi Ndlovu, the talented chef who cut his teeth at some of South African top restaurants and gained international recognition when he ranked among the top seven at the San Pellegrino Young Chef finale in 2018, his opening his own restaurant, Edge.

BY RSVP April 05,2022

Who is Karime Lopez, the chef of Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura?

Mexican born, but Italian at heart, Karime López brings her unwavering passion and dedication to her role as Head Chef of Michelin-starred Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura in Florence. A true inspiration, her philosophy is to present very personal cuisine to her guests, where utter refinement blends seamlessly with the spellbound sincerity of truly felt emotions.

BY Four Magazine March 22,2022

"Is everything going to change?" asked chef Clare Smyth

Celebrated chef Clare Smyth sold out three months of bookings in 20 minutes when her Core restaurant said it would reopen from lockdown.

BY RSVP May 21,2021

What We Lose When a Restaurant Closes

The story of Porsena — a restaurant in New York that shuttered this year after a 10-year run — is still playing out across the US as businesses feel the reverberations of the pandemic.

BY RSVP January 20,2021

Put helping restaurants on your menu

Here are a few ways you can help support restaurants right now.

BY RSVP December 10,2020

Chef Massimo Bottura calls for a revolution to end food waste

Italian chef Massimo Bottura is on a mission to end food waste.

BY RSVP December 03,2020

The rise from illegal immigrant to Michelin star chef

From the state of Guerrero, Mexico, through the perilous voyage to make a better life in the US, to becoming the first Latin American chef to ever win a Michelin star.

BY RSVP November 25,2020

There was racism and abuse at my restaurant job

This is a repost from Eater Voices because we think it is extremely important to spread the message that people of color shouldn’t have to choose between earning a living and putting up with harassment in a service job.

BY Asia Mock November 19,2020

How to Save Restaurants

In this op-ed article in The New York Times, author Priya Krishna says rebuilding the restaurant business requires a new model for its labor.

BY RSVP November 12,2020

Easily set up a takeout service with RSVP and keep your revenue up

Is your restaurant closed because of COVID-19 or taking the opportunity to add a new revenue stream to the mix?

BY RSVP November 06,2020

How Restaurant Hospitality Has Changed in the COVID-19 Era

What is it like to stay open, protect guests, and fight uncertainty?

BY RSVP November 05,2020

Honey is the third-most-faked food in the world

The "twindemic" is here, but did you know that most store-bought honey versions are fake?

BY RSVP October 28,2020

RSVP offers relief for the dining industry to fight COVID-19

RSVP, the admin and bookings management platform for the dining industry is helping in four different areas.

BY RSVP October 22,2020

How restaurants are preparing for winter amidst COVID-19

For many the choice is stark: find some way to seat diners outside without freezing, or risk going out of business.

BY RSVP October 21,2020

From fine-dining to comfort food

Some of the world's finest restaurants are finding new niches—and new customers—amid the coronavirus pandemic.

BY RSVP October 15,2020

This husband-and-wife startup is trying to save mom-and-pop restaurants from pandemic oblivion

A couple is re-inventing restaurant websites in order to save them amidst the pandemic.

BY RSVP October 08,2020

How this chef is leading a movement for equality in gastronomy

Danish cook Kamilla Seidler has found a new calling as a voice for equality and sustainability in the hospitality industry.

BY RSVP September 17,2020

This chef has an all-women kitchen and wants you to 'embrace the immigrant'

Netflix’s Chef’s Table star Asma Khan wants to tackle racism and sexism with food.

BY RSVP September 09,2020

A Woman’s Place documentary: Time to redefine the old school phrase

The documentary is directed by an Oscar-winning filmmaker.

BY RSVP September 03,2020

Creativity during Covid-19? For this chef it means not giving up

Cosme chef Daniela Soto-Innes shares her advice for restaurant workers in a tough time for the food industry.

BY RSVP August 27,2020

Is it possible to dream of getting three Michelin stars during the pandemic?

One of the most anticipated openings of 2020 finally welcomed their first guests. But can they dream big and survive a pandemic at the same time?

BY RSVP August 06,2020

Noma reopens with a new "old" menu

René Redzepi's Noma re-opened its doors for business-as-usual this month with a brand new menu starring some locally sourced vegetables, plus a few old favourites.

BY RSVP July 31,2020

Dan Barber: How do we save the small farms?

Thirty per cent of small farms fear bankruptcy as a result of Covid-19. Can a chef and a project protect them?

BY RSVP July 23,2020

This chef wrote an emotional post after 27 no-shows in one day

Since the reopening, many restaurants have complained of high numbers of customers failing to cancel their reservations. See how you can avoid no-shows.

BY RSVP July 16,2020

How a chef tackles sustainability during a pandemic

Chef-owner of zero-waste restaurant Silo, Douglas McMaster, spoke about the concept of zero waste, how the pandemic is affecting the United Kingdom’s restaurant industry and much more.

BY RSVP July 02,2020

Racism is still a serious problem in the restaurant industry

And food should be considered a medium of conversation for race and injustice.

BY RSVP June 25,2020

No young chef should be judged by their skin color

This Michelin-starred chef calls for greater racial diversity in the restaurant industry.

BY Chef Michael Caines June 25,2020

Pop-Up Dinner Organizers Consider A Post-Coronavirus Future

The restaurant industry is facing an ongoing crisis, but pop-up chefs confront unique challenges during the pandemic.

BY RSVP June 18,2020

Dominique Crenn doesn't want to go back to normal

The chef of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco wants to change the entire food industry.

BY RSVP June 14,2020

'Dying to dine out': The future of restaurant dining is reservation-only

If you're planning to dine out again in the near future, you're probably going to need a reservation to get in.

BY RSVP June 11,2020

The world is ready to appreciate African cuisine

Why is French cuisine a fine dining experience, but oxtail stew can cost less than $10?

BY RSVP June 05,2020

5 chefs bringing the flavours of African cuisine to international gourmands

Foods from black cultures are worth cherishing.

BY RSVP June 05,2020

"I no longer want to think about guides or stars": international chefs rethink life after COVID-19

René Redzepi went from 350 euro menus to 16 euro burgers and Mauro Colagreco wants to continue to give a memorable experience to his guests. Among the biggest names in gastronomy, each has its own way of digesting the coronavirus crisis.

BY RSVP May 29,2020

Is the good old picnic the near future of food pop-ups?

With summer fast approaching, people will lure outside even though COVID-19 continues to spread. A picnic can be the perfect solution to dine outside without endangering yourself or others.

BY RSVP May 27,2020

Save a restaurant one recipe at a time

A new website lets chefs and restaurants share their recipes to the public to raise money for their businesses. See how you can share yours if you are a chef.

BY RSVP May 26,2020

Why Restaurants Are Not F*****

An acclaimed Ottawa entrepreneur, Joelle Parenteau, writes about the challenges restaurants face during coronavirus and how this was a wake-up call for the industry.

BY Joelle Parenteau May 20,2020

Coronavirus: Mental Health is the Dark side of the Restaurant Industry

If mental health was one of the biggest and most silent issues in the restaurant industry, imagine what's doing to chefs and staff during a crisis like the one we are living in.

BY RSVP May 20,2020

Coronavirus might change Eleven Madison Park's menu forever

As restaurants adapt to the Covid-19 world, chefs are already rethinking their signature dishes.

BY RSVP May 06,2020

Farm-to-table becomes farm-to-home

Coronavirus crisis could change our relationship to food forever. See how restaurants and farmers are helping each other fighting the pandemic.

BY RSVP April 29,2020

Is this the "new normal" for reopening restaurants?

Disposable menus, reduced tables, and servers with masks and gloves.

BY RSVP April 22,2020

3 Easy Steps to Sell Your Gift Vouchers with RSVP

We have made our voucher and merchandise module available now whether or not you are using our restaurant booking system, which was a previous requirement.

BY RSVP April 16,2020

The food industry will be different after coronavirus. Let's look at that as an opportunity

Hear from chefs that look at the pandemic as an opportunity to think about how to transform and future proof the restaurant world now, so this will save the industry in the long run.

BY RSVP April 10,2020

Coronavirus: Are government measures sufficient to save restaurants?

Providing relief to the people and companies that are most affected, until the emergency abates, is welcome. But is it enough? How many restaurants will survive? How much debt will they be carrying?

BY RSVP April 08,2020

How Instagram cooking classes are keeping people together during coronavirus

As many people all over the world are social distancing and self-quarantining, some are using technology to bring them together.

BY RSVP March 25,2020

How to continue generating revenue in times of the Coronavirus

Actionable ways to survive COVID-19.

BY RSVP March 16,2020

Recipes for Survival against the COVID-19 — Coronavirus Cuisine

A chef, culinary scientist, and fermentation specialist’s take on diet, wellness, and kitchen cleanliness that can help you prevent and thrive against COVID -19.

BY Ian Cairns March 16,2020

Coronavirus is being devastating to the food industry

Many restaurants are closing, others are seeing unprecedented drops in reservations.

BY RSVP March 13,2020


Fermenting is an easy but nutritious way to preserve foods to enjoy out of season. Learn what it is and how to do it.

BY RSVP March 11,2020

Alcohol-free cocktails? Find them in your neighbourhood restaurant or bar

The world of non-alcoholic spirits and drink alternatives has grown far beyond the gimmicky trend of “dry January” and beverages long derided as mocktails.

BY RSVP March 04,2020

These are the most beautiful restaurants in the world, according to Condé Nast Traveller

These are the prettiest restaurants and cool cafés from Ibiza to Stockholm to Los Angeles.

BY RSVP March 04,2020

Watch one of San Pellegrino’s top ten young chefs cook in Hong Kong

Ex-Noma, Tickets and Mugaritz Alum, chef Pablo Lagrange brought his Argentinian inspired cuisine to Hong Kong for a four-night pop-up.

BY RSVP March 02,2020

What is the “why” of a restaurant?

Food anthropologist Natasha Bunzl reports from the sold-out event "The Restaurant as a Research Site" at the NY University.

BY Natasha Bunzl March 02,2020

When you think of Wuhan, think of hot dry noodles

The Chinese city of Wuhan might have become synonymous with the coronavirus outbreak, but many of us have forgotten the traditional Wuhan delicacy, which happens to be 100% plant-based.

BY RSVP March 02,2020

Is Noma going to get three stars this year?

Journalist Rasmus Palsgård predicts the winners of the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2020.

BY Rasmus Palsgård March 02,2020

How do we improve something without changing it?

Alex Smith, from Copenhagen Distillery, discusses the importance of improving a drink or dish while maintaining its identity.

BY Alex Smith March 02,2020

Ferran Adrià says it's unfair to pay 800€ salaries

The head chef at the trendsetting restaurant El Bulli is worried about the pay gap in hospitality.

BY RSVP March 02,2020

Waiter, there's a climate surcharge in my bill

How a 1% surcharge on restaurant bills can help fight climate change.

BY RSVP March 02,2020

All your plastic water and soda bottles now give you free metro tickets

At least in Rome. The city is implementing a bottle recycling scheme where you can exchange plastic waste for metro rides.

BY RSVP March 02,2020

This entirely waste-free wine-bar sets a new standard

The space in Brooklyn is finding ways to eliminate food waste from their premises.

BY RSVP March 02,2020

Michelin Guide and TripAdvisor join forces

Would it be good for restaurants? That's the question.

BY RSVP December 04,2019

Karime López is first female Mexican chef to win a Michelin star

Head chef at the restaurant Gucci Osteria in Florence, Italy, owned by chef Massimo Bottura, López was the only woman in the Italian entries to be awarded a star this year.

BY RSVP November 19,2019

Learn how to be a cook before you become a chef

Knowing how the kitchen and restaurant works is vitally important to becoming a chef. This is Countertalk's Ravneet Gill, and her perception of the food industry today.

BY Ravneet Gill October 16,2019

Peas and carrots? How to understand flavor with a simple dish

Inside guidance from Ian Cairns.

BY Ian Cairns October 11,2019

20-year-old chef wins a U. N. environmental award for helping cacao farmers

Chef Louise Mabulo has been named by the United Nations Environment Programme a "Young Champion of the Earth."

BY RSVP September 25,2019

Do you know how to be a chef in a mega-restaurant world?

Inside guidance from Ian Cairns, an intern at Noma's fermentation lab.

BY Ian Cairns September 24,2019

"What do I do when I want to cry in the kitchen?"

This is the first article of a series with Countertalk's Ravneet Gill, and her perception of the food industry today.

BY Ravneet Gill September 24,2019

"Is opening a restaurant a waiting game?"

Here is the second article of a series with Countertalk's Ravneet Gill, and her perception of the food industry today.

BY Ravneet Gill September 24,2019

A "sea of plastic" to produce organic tomatoes

The organic tomatoes coming from Andalusia come with extra costs: overexploitation of human and natural resources.

BY RSVP September 06,2019

5 ways Instagram is Transforming Modern Restaurant Design

Trendy restaurants are finding new ways to cater to a new crowd of diners.

BY RSVP August 28,2019

Follow the example and stop using cling film in your restaurant

First straws, now cling film. Restaurants are slowly getting rid of single-use plastic.

BY RSVP August 21,2019

Even a Michelin-starred chef wants restaurants to stop serving avocado

And you should stop eating them.

BY RSVP August 13,2019

#UntrendingWine: connecting chefs to small wine producers

This company wants you (and chefs) to hear the word “natural” differently.

BY RSVP August 13,2019

These knives are used in some of the best restaurants in the world

France-based knife maker Roland Lannier produces handmade knives used at global hotspots.

BY RSVP August 13,2019

Learn about food and fermentations with this funny series

If you haven't seen It's Alive!, you need to start watching.

BY RSVP August 13,2019

Women of Food: a new database that wants to address gender equality

"We want to make women in gastronomy equally visible and influential," explain the founders.

BY RSVP August 13,2019

Women chefs are the stars in this film

It's all about female chefs who are changing the face of the restaurant industry, taking on challenge after challenge along the way.

BY RSVP August 13,2019

This is the hottest new pasta shape

Have you heard of caramelle?

BY RSVP August 13,2019

This map shows you all the women-led restaurants across America

Food-delivery service GrubHub created a special website called RestaurantHER that highlights all restaurants that are owned, co-owned, or partnered with women.

BY RSVP August 13,2019

Want to book a table? Send them a letter

If you are interested in dining at this restaurant in 2018 you must send your requests by mail.

BY RSVP August 13,2019